About Itching 2 Travel

‘I want families to be inspired by the world we see and experience. To step beyond their reasons not to and be adventurous together.’

– Lisa Cole

Experiences of a Lifetime

There is so much our world has to offer and a lifetime can feel long enough time to experience them all. But is it really? 


We are born. Then we live our life and we die. That’s our life’s duration and what we do in between being born and dying is completely up to us. More often than not, while raising a family, parents are all too often preoccupied with parent stuff – mortgage, school fees, braces or adding a new room to the family home. Planning and actually taking an enriching and rewarding travel journey seems impossible. 

But that’s exactly when travelling the world together as a family is best. Shaping minds and filling hearts with adventurous family experiences that will last a lifetime is possible if we make the time and get clear on priorities. 

Don’t believe me? Let us show you how.



Who are we anyway?

Well we’re an average Aussie family who started traveling in 2012 and we continue to travel the world together. 


Where have we traveled?

Lots of different countries. We aim to travel to places where we learn something new about people and culture .


Why do we travel?

It’s simply because we gain so much out of travel. We understand more about who we are and the world. 

Family members




Giving Kids the Stage they Deserve


Parents want the best for their children.

It’s one of the things we have come to appreciate as a universal want – the parental desire to give their children the best opportunities in life.

Through our own travel journeys before kids, we saw an opportunity to give our children a real world education outside of the school classroom through travel.

Why? Because real life is what counts. One day they’ll be out amongst the world and we wanted them to be confident, fearless and empathetic. We want our kids to appreciate what they have and be willing to pay it forward.


Always Exploring New Ideas and Flavours

Long and slow travel is our preferred mode of travel. It has allowed our family to appreciate the world – everything that is great and not so great.

Through travel we have each been able to create a positive world view of the places we visit and the people we meet through real life experiences. 

Two of the most powerful life tools we gave our children through our travel journeys has been resilience and perception.

Through travel we are able to dismantle cultural stereotypes and shine a light our commonality: being human.  

Inspiring You to Travel

So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to create your own family adventure? Want to live an uncommon life? Do you want to connect with your kids and collect experiences together? 


Then you’re at the right place.

Join our travel tribe or download our True North ebook that will kickstart your journey so you’ll start taking action steps towards your own family adventure. 

Family travel is rewarding. You’ll never look back. Actually (warning) it’s quite addictive and it will challenge you to see and experience more.

Are you ready to face all the reasons stopping you? Face the fear and do it anyway? Step out of your comfort zone as a family? We hope so.